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Waco Flexes Long-Term Viability With New Topgolf Location

This week, Dallas-based sports entertainment company Topgolf has announced plans to open a new venue in Waco, Texas. The company plans to bring a new, open floor concept to Waco, as well as Augusta, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The new design will feature Topgolf’s flagship games in climate-controlled hitting bays, as well as new amenities such as fire pits, giant Jenga, bean bag toss, and community picnic tables. Topgolf’s announcement to open a new venue concept in Waco suggests a long-term viability of the city’s growth. 

Digital rendering of the new backyard-style venue

Topgolf is quite popular wherever it goes. It has created an environment that is appealing to folks of varying interests, even providing a fun experience for people who do not like the traditional golf format. The new backyard-style venue will expand the company’s potential reach, which could provide a significant boost in appeal to Waco’s already booming local leisure economy. 

Waco has seen significant growth in recent years due to the explosion of the Magnolia brand, but most of that growth has been concentrated in a relatively small geographical area downtown. Some folks have questioned whether or not the city can sustain this growth and stand on its own apart from the Magnolia empire. This announcement from Topgolf looks good for the city’s future, because it shows an interest in Waco beyond the Magnolia aesthetic and the downtown area.  

Digital rendering of the open floor concept

The Topgolf news comes after another big announcement from early 2019. About a year ago, Plano-based movie theater company Cinemark announced plans to build a new theater complex between Highway 6 and New Road. In short, Waco is seeing interest from major retail developers that hasn’t been seen before. 

To have a largely successful sports entertainment company like Topgolf show interest in the city, as a candidate for a brand new venue concept no less, shows that Waco’s appeal is wide and sustainable. 

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