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Customer Spotlight: Mastergeorge

Echterling Builders has had the pleasure of working with so many fantastic people in the central Texas area, and we really benefit from hearing their stories. We want to take the time to hear about their experiences with us. Several years ago, we built a home in Robinson for Jim and Dolores Mastergeorge. The Mastergeorge home was actually the first job site that I ever worked on. I was about eleven or twelve years old, and I remember wanting to buy a Motorola Razr. So, my dad hired me to sweep floors and install door knobs at the Mastergeorge site. It was a real treat to sit down with Jim and Dolores, and talk about what it was like to build a custom home when they weren’t living in Texas at the time, how they found Echterling Builders, and how their home has stood the test of time. I also managed to snag a few pictures of the house today, and Dolores was kind enough to share some photos of the building process.

The home building process is underway!


You lived in another state while your home was under construction. Could you talk a bit about how you found Echterling Builders, and how you decided to put your trust in Bert from hundreds of miles away?

Jim Mastergeorge

Dolores and I made the decision to relocate to Texas in 2007, when we were both retired from our jobs and living in Connecticut. After much research, we picked Robinson as our place of choice. Seeing that there are several high quality builders in the area, it came down to picking one to work with. The reputation of Echterling Builders made it an easy choice and we moved ahead. After making a special visit to Robinson, we purchased a building lot and then proceeded to pick out a plan for the house. After meeting with Bert, the building process began. Our only direction to him was that he “Build us a home as if he was going to be living in it”. We trusted him to do just that and he did.


That’s incredible. What was the building process like, being so far away from the construction site?


The distance presented us with some very unique problems (we were 1200 miles away). Local friends were able to take pictures daily of the progress and if there were any questions, we would either email Bert or call him and talk directly to resolve any issues or questions that we had. We did come to see the home one time to pick out the necessary fixtures for the interior of the house. This included lighting fixtures, bathroom and kitchen accessories, tile and carpeting, and paint color choices for the walls. This meant driving all over the city of Waco finding different companies. Just driving up and down Waco Drive was an adventure in itself because of the different names applied to the same stretch of road!


Since you moved in, what has your relationship with Echterling Builders been like? How has your home held up over time?


We’ve been in the house now since June of 2008. The durability of the build is what makes the house so enjoyable to live in. There really isn’t one favorite room or area that we have. The whole house gives us a comfortable place to relax and entertain in. We’ve always been quick to recommend Bert and his company to anyone with an interest in building their own home. He’s always given us quick and accurate answers and recommendations of people to contact anytime we’ve had questions about making any changes or improvements .

All in all, it’s been a great pleasure working with Echterling Builders and both Dolores and I are more than satisfied with our home    

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