About Us


Echterling Builders was started by Frank Echterling on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois in Hammond, Indiana. Frank worked as a foreman at a lumber yard and built his first home in 1951. Frank’s son Fred continued to build quality custom homes doing most of the work himself. He wanted to work and live in a warmer climate and in 1969 he moved to Waco, Texas. Fred and his son, Bert, decided to incorporate and on January 30, 1998 Echterling Builders Incorporated was formed.

Today, Echterling Builders continues to build custom homes as well as handles medium to large remodeling projects and deals in light commercial jobs. The company offers design & finance consultations, in-house blueprint modifications, 10 Year HOME Warranty, and one of the largest customer bases found in Waco.


Our mission at Echterling Builders is to bring value to your home, provide convenient and professional customer service, provide a dependable warranty, maintain integrity, and build homes that complement your lifestyle and community. Of all the qualities to admire in a home, we at Echterling Builders focus on keeping one thing strong… pride. Pride in our service, and pride in helping people fulfill their dreams.