About Us



Hailing from Hammond, Indiana after migrating from west Germany in the 1800’s, the Echterling family has been steeped in the rich traditions of craftsmanship and service for over 100 years. In 1951 Frank Echterling, a foreman at a lumber yard, built his first home. His work sparked the interest of two of his eight children, and in 1954 Frederick and Donald Echterling committed to building quality custom homes for the people of Hammond. The brothers worked together for a few years, until differences in their respective visions lead them on their own separate paths. Fred felt drawn to Waco, where his sister Eleanor lived with her husband H.W. Fred had an aversion to the cold, so the decision to move to Waco was not a difficult one. Fred then focused his energy on building custom homes in the Waco area, primarily in Robinson.

While Fred was building homes throughout the Waco area, his son Bert was watching, learning, and working. Bert honed his skills in trim carpentry, tile work, and construction management throughout his adolescence, and in 1998 was ready to join Fred at the helm of the operation. The father-son duo decided to incorporate, and on January 30, 1998 Echterling Builders Inc. was officially formed. Fred retired a few years after this, leaving Bert fully in control.

Since Bert took charge of Echterling Builders, the business has grown exponentially and has garnered one of the largest client bases found in the Waco construction market. Operations have expanded to include remodeling projects, light commercial jobs, real estate dealing, and land development – all of which carry the superior standard of quality that the Echterling name has developed over the years. Of course, custom homes are still the flagship brand of Echterling Builders. Our homes embody the expertise and values of our company.



Our mission at Echterling Builders is to produce value in your home, and in your life – to pour our labor, expertise, and unique quality of care into building or renovating your home; to provide convenient and professional customer service, and to instill in your project an uncontested sense of integrity and an unmatched value. We provide a dependable warranty, maintain transparency, and build homes that complement your lifestyle and community. Beyond the material qualities of our homes, of which there are many to be admired, Echterling builders fosters a deeper philosophy – an emphasis on the connection between builder and client. This is a philosophy that is made tangible in our work, something you can see and touch.. Something you can truly feel. It becomes uniquely yours. Let’s build your dream home, together.