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4 Home Improvements You Can Do Yourself This Weekend

Home improvement projects can seem intimidating, but Echterling Builders is here to help you! Here are some easy home improvement projects that you can do yourself this weekend.

Get Outside!

The time to get your yard taken care of is now, before the growth of spring gets unmanageable. Take an afternoon to trim any trees and shrubs that need trimming, use an edger to cut clean edges in your yard, and prune some of the plants in your flowerbeds. Also, this is a great time to lay down pre-emergent. If your yard is prone to weed growth during the spring and summer months, getting ahead of the problem will make your life much easier.

Stop The Draft!

Replacing worn-out weather stripping is an instant fix for drafty rooms. Even if your current weather stripping isn’t worn or damaged, you may want to look into possible upgrades. High-quality weather stripping will help prevent drafts, which will save you money in addition to making for a more comfortable living space!

Helpful Tip!

Take a sample from your current stripping to your local home improvement store, so that you know your new stripping will fit. Also, make sure to ask for dust pads – the rectangular foam pads that attach to the bottom of the door.


Chances are, you have a light bulb somewhere in your house that needs replacing. While you’re replacing any burnt-out bulbs, go ahead and look at replacing all of your interior bulbs with LEDs! LED light bulbs use significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs, which will save you money on energy costs in the long run. LED bulbs also offer more options in terms of brightness, color temperature, and aesthetics. Check out these Edison bulbs for a cool exposed-bulb look!

Get Some Green!

It’s a fantastic time to introduce some plant life in your home. Spring means more sun, and usually more humidity, so growing indoor plants should be easier during this time of year. Get some lush greenery for the spots in your home that can use some life! Check out our article on making the most of your home for some helpful plant tips!

If you have any questions about your DIY projects, just let us know! We are always happy to help!

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